Trinity Methodist Church     Kidderminster


At Trinity we baptize babies as a sign of the unconditional love that God has for each and every one of us. If you are interested in having your baby or young child baptized please contact the minister. We will arrange to visit you to discuss your wishes further.

In the Methodist Church babies are usually baptized during the morning service.

It is important to think seriously about what baptism means and be sure you are prepared to keep the promises you make as parents during the service. Baptism is the way in which we become part of the church, you will promise to bring your child up as part of the church, enabling them to learn about God and understand the significance of their own baptism. At the same time the church will promise to be here for you – to support you and help you with that awesome task


Trinity makes a wonderful setting for your wedding and we make every effort to ensure that you have a meaningful and trouble free day.

Couples thinking of being married at Trinity should first contact the minister who will arrange an interview at a mutually convenient time. Before the interview couples should think seriously about why they particularly wish to be married in church and be prepared to share their thoughts. The Methodist Church is open to the marrying of those whose previous marriages have ended in divorce but the minister will need to have a conversation with you about your experiences of the past and want to establish that you have grown through those experiences.

At the interview your wedding date and time will be put into the diary and you will be asked to pay a deposit of £25. Following the interview you will be asked to attend one of our marriage preparation sessions when we help you make all sorts of decisions about your marriage service including the music and also talk about married life and how to make your marriage a success.

We take an interest in every couple who comes to be married at Trinity and want to do everything we can to help you have a wonderful day.


If you would like to have a loved one’s funeral conducted at Trinity please speak to the funeral director stating where you would like the service to be held. Alternatively if you do not want a service in church the minister is willing to take a full service at the crematorium and you should again give their name to your funeral director.