Trinity Youth Café.


Trinity Youth Café is a safe, dedicated meeting place for young people of secondary school age (11 – 18 years). It is determined by young people for young people, in partnership with adults from within the church and circuit.

It offers young people the following:

A relaxed meeting space, which is safe, friendly, inclusive and tolerant.
A place where young people can develop good quality relationships with their peers and with adults.
A chance to discuss topical social and spiritual issues.
A chance to share a meal together
A time of fun and fellowship

 All youngsters from the area and circuit are welcome. We ask for a weekly donation of just £1.00 per person to cover food expenses, and we meet on the second Sunday in each month from 6.00.p.m. – 8.00 p.m. at Trinity.


            Heidi Partington -                 Tel:  01562 701425                                                      Email:

Trinity Methodist Church     Kidderminster